A lot of people don’t know about an appliance called an air fryer. This appliance circulates hot air around food in order to get the crispy effect of frying without all the oil. Air fryers aren’t just for restaurants or people who cook all the time. One of the biggest benefits of using the best air fryer is making healthier food. Any oil or grease that is contained in your frozen foods or raw meat drips out into a tray below. Getting an even crispier effect is possible by adding a small amount of oil, but you can cook everything completely oil free.
No matter what kind of air fryer you decide to buy, it will be easy to use. There are basically two kinds: a mesh basket above a drip tray or a bowl with a stirring paddle. Automatic stirring fryer have a paddle that constantly stirs your food during the whole time it is being cooked. If your air fryer doesn’t have this feature, you will have to stir your food once during cooking. Your food will be cooked exactly how you want it to be with the push of a button to set the time and temperature. Some air fryers are even simpler with only one preset button that needs to be pushed.
Frozen food can be placed directly into a cold air fryer hamilton beach 35033 and be done within 10 or 20 minutes. Leftovers, nuts, meat, and vegetables can all be cooked in minutes. Air fryers are safe because it automatically shuts off when your food is done which eliminates the risk of overheating. Cooking over a stove means you may get burned by hot oil, but this won’t happen with an air fryer because the cooking area is all enclosed.
Air fryers can also do more than just fry food. Some will bake, roast, and grill your food too. This means that you really only need one small appliance to cook all your food instead of the many that are currently cluttering your kitchen. Eliminating this clutter can really simplify your life and make cooking much easier. You can put all the removable parts right in the dishwasher, so cleaning it is easy too.
You save a little money by cutting back on the oil you previously used to cook your food. Cleaning up the kitchen after cooking is also much shorter because the stove, counter, and walls aren’t covered in grease splatter. Since no oil was used to cook, you don’t have to worry about discarding it afterwards. Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_fryer for more details.


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